Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will you be able to valet my car?

We generally aim to be with you within 24 hours if booked before 12 noon. However to avoid disappointment wherever possible please try to book at least 3 days in advance.

How long will a valet take?

A mini valet takes approximately 1 hour, whereas a full valet can take up to 3 hours. We can give you a more accurate estimate when booking as it depends on vehicle, age, condition etc.

I don't know what service I need, can you help?

We are happy to discuss your exact requirements to let you know what valet would be best suited to your needs and we can provide a free, no obligation estimate.

What is No-Wet?

No-Wet waterless car wash and wax is a revolutionary state of the art concept in waterless wash, wax, polish and sealant. No-Wet contains 17 major active ingredients plus the finest carnuba wax, kaolin clay & polishing agents available. No-Wet contains no kerosene, and is the only waterless car wash cleaning product that can make these claims.

Why Do We Use Carnauba Wax and Kaolin Clay In NO-WET?

Being a natural plant by-product, that will not react with any paint. Carnauba provides a very hard film over your car’s surface to protect against airborne contaminants such as acid rain residue, catalytic converter emissions, bug tar, road grime, salt and bird droppings etc. etc. Carnauba also dramatically reduces paint oxidation by diffusing (refracting) UV and infrared radiation from the sun, which can oxidize and dull your paint finish. NOTE: Pure Carnauba is harder than concrete. KAOLIN Clay is a surface preparation that smoothes the paint before it’s buffed or waxed. NO-WET WASHES, WAXES, POLISHES & SEALS any non-porous surface you apply it on, without the need of our most precious natural resource WATER!

What Can I Use NO-WET On?

Cars, Cycles, Boats, Glass, Chrome, Fiberglass etc, etc. Reduces friction on skis, sleds, & snowmobiles & protects from the elements. When used on windshields water will bead & bounce off, just about eliminating the need for wipers, truly amazing! Also great for a quick shoeshine! Also to clean eyewear, safety shields, optics, TV’s and monitor screens, NO-WET waterless carwash and wax repels dust and fingerprints. Minimizes small scratches and swirl marks and makes them optically clearer. Race drivers, athletes, and fire fighters will appreciate the clarity and the anti-static that keeps helmet shields clear, clean and dust free much longer.

How Does NO-WET Work?

When NO-WET waterless car wash and wax is MICRO/MISTED over a soiled area, our exclusive formula has the unique ability to encapsulate and emulsify the dirt particles, lifting them off the surface, (thus no scratching) preparing them for removal by the simple swipe of a clean 100% terry towel. No need for soap, buckets, hoses, no more mess! 32 ozs. of NO-WET will wash, wax, polish & seal on average 12/16 autos! JUST ONE 32 oz. BOTTLE of NO-WET WILL SAVE ABOUT 2000-3000 GALLONS OF WATER!

Can I Use NO-WET On Plexiglass?

Yes. NO-WET contains No Kerosene or abrasive agents. NO-WET will not scratch or haze the plexiglass.

Will The Carnauba Wax Build Up?

NOWET is formulated to leave only a certain thickness of wax, no matter how many “coats” you apply.

Who Should Use NO-WET?

Everyone who really cares and loves his or her vehicle will want to use NO-WET, and especially those people who are concerned about our future WATER supply, millions upon millions of gallons of WATER are wasted everyday by people just trying to keep their vehicles looking new These millions upon millions of gallons of dirty, soapy, oily WATER will then filter down into our surface water table and contaminate this water source Until now there has been no substitute for WATER, but NO-WET CONCEPTS has now developed an environmentally friendly ALTERNATIVE FOR WATER, that protects our vehicles and keeps them looking new!

How Green Is No-Wet?


Must be free of any known human carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens

Contains no known or suspected carcinogen, mutates, dermatogens.

Must not contain compounds or substances, which cause or contribute to the creation of atmospheric greenhouse gases, ground level smog or ozone depletion

Does not contain any fluorinated or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Must not be corrosive to skin or inanimate surfaces.

The PH is not considered corrosive to skin or inanimate objects.

Must not be delivered in single use aerosol cans or cans using ozone depleting propellants

It is non-aerosol.

Must not contain petroleum-derived or petrochemical blended fragrances

Does not contain any petroleum or petrochemical derived fragrance.

Must not contain heavy metals that are toxic to humans, animal life or the environment

Does not contain any heavy metals.

Must not contain petroleum distillates unless no natural alternative is available, and then only if the distillate meets the human safety and environmental profile outlined herein.

Does not contain any petroleum-based hydrocarbons.

Should not be combustible below 150ºF

There is no flash point up to boiling.

Must not contain chlorine, chlorinated or brominated solvents

Does not contain any of those compounds.

Must not contain compounds that persist or bio-accumulate in human or animal tissue or in the environment

Does not contain any of those compounds.

Must not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) at levels exceeding the limits established by the Southern California Air Quality Management District Resources Board for the applicable product categories. Products must not be listed on the hazardous air pollutants list of the Environmental Protection Agency

The product is VOC compliant.

Should be readily biodegradable at greater than 90% in thirty days without the need of being run through a municipal effluent treatment process. If not biodegradable due to inorganic content the ingredient must be chemically inert.

The product is biodegradable.

Should be obtained or derived from replenishable natural (plant) sources wherever possible

Yes (Proprietary Sources)

Should be as concentrated as possible to green the supply chain

The product is ready to use.

Products should be capable of being dispensed through automatic systems in order to reduce user and environmental contact

It is a consumer use product.

Should have a pH level between 4 and 9 wherever possible

The PH level is 7.8 – 8.4.

Will No-wet harm my vehicle


What does No-Wet Do?

Aside from leaving your vehicle looking new, NO-WET waterless carwash prevents premature aging of your vehicle by sealing your vehicle with a UV protective coating, when applied on vehicle glass NO-WET also prevents premature fading of interior as well, due to the harmful effects of the Sun! NO-WET also REMOVES OXIDATION (dull white film) from your vehicle.